Rebecca Najdowski

is an artist investigating material possibilities of photography, video, and 3D modeling. Her work centers on the complicated ways perception of nature and photomedia are entangled.

/// Select Exhibitions ///
Inverted Landscapes
Interference Pattern

/// Recent Projects ///
Ambient Pressure

/// Curation ///
The Image Looks Back
To the Moon and Back
A Field Guide to the Stars


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Art Writing

Amateur Photography Gets a Fresh Look from Erik Kessels in “Secondhand”,, 01/08/2015

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Agitated Histories, 12/20/2011

Anthony McCall at Luciana Brito, São Paulo,, 05/17/2011

Architecture of Visibility - Cinthia Marcelle and Nicolás Robbio,, 04/26/2011

Interview with Amilcar Packer,, 02/21/2011

Portable Landscapes - Recibo,, 01/19/2011

Geometria Impura,, 12/21/2010

Rodrigo Matheus, and, 11/24/2010

Jean-Pascal Flavien,, 10/25/2010

There is Always a Cup of Sea to Sail In: São Paulo Bienal, &, 10/06/2010