Rebecca Najdowski

is an artist investigating material possibilities of photography, video, and 3D modeling. Her work centers on the complicated ways perception of nature and photomedia are entangled.

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Inverted Landscapes
Interference Pattern

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Ambient Pressure

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The Image Looks Back
To the Moon and Back
A Field Guide to the Stars


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The Image Looks Back

2021 | curated exhibition at RMIT Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia | part of PHOTO2021 | curated with  Alison Bennett, Shane Hulbert, and Daniel Palmer

If the photograph has conventionally been understood as a record or memory of the world, what happens when the image looks back? Thirty years after the commercial release of photo-imaging software such as Photoshop, this exhibition explores the reconfiguration of photography in the context of algorithmic processes, machine vision and networked circulation. It features responses by Australian and international artists, photographers and technologists, each speculating on the social and political ramifications of these profound changes in the ecology of the image. The exhibition asks how notions of visual truth and human experience are shaped by new technologies of vision.

Due to disruptions with COVID-19 the exhibition is currently on hold.