Rebecca Najdowski

is an artist investigating material possibilities of photography, video, and 3D modeling. Her work centers on the complicated ways perception of nature and photomedia are entangled.

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Inverted Landscapes
Interference Pattern

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Ambient Pressure

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The Image Looks Back
To the Moon and Back
A Field Guide to the Stars


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To the Moon and Back

2019 | curated exhibition at the Ballarat astronomical observatory | part of the core program of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Australia | co-curated with Dr Colleen Boyle

To the Moon and Back celebrates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and aims to explore the lasting impact of the 1969 lunar landing on contemporary culture within the heritage-listed Ballarat astronomical observatory. Through the specific lens of photographic media, the exhibited projects bring a diversity of interpretations of the Moon’s significance. From the collective documentation of the Moon, to surreal imaginings; the politics of colonisation, to a utopian temple — the exhibition examines multifaceted perspectives of our nearest celestial neighbour. These explorations incorporate various forms of image-making that include analogue processes, collage, digital 3D imaging, and screenshots of publicly available online material.