Rebecca Najdowski is an artist who considers how humans, imaging technology, and more-than-human nature are entangled.

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Inverted Landscapes
Interference Pattern

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Deep Learning the Climate Emergency
Ambient Pressure

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The Image Looks Back
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Inverted Landscapes

2020 | PhD thesis exhibition | chromogenic prints, pigment prints, gelatin silver solar prints, digital video, digital 3D models

“The Anthropocene casts a long shadow over everything. I made these artworks as a response to the climate crisis, answering the urgent need to conceptualize nature differently.”

Exhibition at Fiona and Sidney Myer Gallery, Melbourne, Australia Photo Credits: Mark Ashkanasy

Composed of three projects — Ambient Pressure, Surfacing, and Echo — the artworks in the exhibition were formed through creative practice PhD research that addresses how nature is envisioned through photography, video, and scanning technology.

At a time of extreme environmental upheaval, Inverted Landscapes exposes how photography objectifies, abstracts, and distances nature; it simultaneously undermines material semblance and the representational structures of photography. By haptically manipulating conventional landscape imagery, enmeshing photo-materials with natural phenomena, and harnessing the limitations of digital 3D scans of flora, this artistic research highlights the relationalities between nature, culture, and technology.

Inverted Landscapes contends with the material and political implications of visually representing the Anthropocene and attempts to shift habitual ways of seeing — and therefore relating to — more-than-human nature.