Rebecca Najdowski is an artist who considers how humans, imaging technology, and more-than-human nature are entangled.

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Inverted Landscapes
Interference Pattern

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Deep Learning the Climate Emergency
Ambient Pressure

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The Image Looks Back
To the Moon and Back
A Field Guide to the Stars



2020 | digital 3D models from photogrammetry scans, digital video

(images link to manipulatable online artworks)

Generated from photogrammetric and depth scans of plants, Echo is a series of digital 3D objects whose botanical forms are riddled with flaws and information gaps. In order to explore the aesthetic and conceptual potential of digital thresholds, the project was made with a 3D scanner at the edge of viability in uncontrolled lighting conditions outdoors. Due to the intensity of light and the complex shape of plants, the scanner was unable to accurately convert the flora’s colors, forms, and textures into precise digital 3D models. The resulting artworks are digital botanical objects that carry with them visual glitches of their translation from physical to digital materiality. The photographic images depicting petals and grasses melt and blur. Other forms are missing structural information; as if eaten by insects, chunks of leaves are absent. These aesthetic aberrations are an expression of data’s instability, visual errors that expose the precariousness of representation within photomedia technologies.