Interference Pattern

2018 - ongoing | c-prints, digital pigment prints | dimensions variable

Interference Pattern is a collaborative installation with artist Vivian Cooper Smith developed from a shared an interest in critiquing the ways photography constructs our perceptions of nature through the concept of landscape. The artworks are formed through studio and darkroom interventions in which photographic negatives are manipulated by acts of cutting, burning, tearing, stapling, folding and the incorporation of visual obstructions. The previously straightforward landscape imagery is thus incised with physical intrusions, complicating the scene with an additive-erasure. This process — that changes the material surface of photographs — draws attention to the notion of landscape as a cultural construct.



As a collaborative installation the arrangement is free-form with some prints overlapping, some pinned loosely. This technique foregrounds the material qualities of the paper and accentuates the shadows made against the wall and other works. Gels are placed across the lights to create numerous coloured shadows at the edges of each print. The colour of the gels are chosen so that their combined effect is a neutral white light – red/green/blue and cyan/ magenta/yellow. In the installation, the layering, curling, and folding of the prints create obstructions for the light waves. Shadows emerge as multilayered colours.

The project is informed by the scientific feminism of Karen Barad, whose diffractive methodology measures ‘interference patterns’ - the effects of difference rather than the differences themselves. Like intersecting ripples made by two rocks thrown into a pond, these differences interact - some intensifying and some negating the other. The installation operates as an interference pattern, it maps the effects of two artists working in complementary and contrasting ways and opens up possibilities for new materialist pathways through photography.