Rebecca Najdowski is an American artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her practice involves experimental photography, video, and augmented reality (AR) interventions as a way to explore the materiality of photomedia. She is interested in the complicated ways perception of nature is entangled with photomedia. With a focus on how photo images render representations of nature, she considers the ensuing implications of how we, as humans, comprehend the world around us. Much of her photomedia-driven artwork has experimented with its materiality by inviting natural elements — geothermal activity, the sun, time — to change the content and texture of the work.

Rebecca’s images, objects, and films have been presented internationally, including Aperture Gallery in New York; FORMAT Festival in the United Kingdom; and Athens Digital Art Festival in Greece. She received an MFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco and was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Brazil. From 2013-2015 she was an Artist Fellow at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona, where her work is now part of the collection. Rebecca has been an artist-in-residence at Banff Centre in Canada; the Institute for Electronic Art at Alfred University, New York; and at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California. She is a lecturer in Photography at RMIT University and is undertaking a PhD in Visual Art at Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) where her research is a critical and ongoing inquiry into how humans engage, relate to, and think of nature.

Rebecca’s previous arts writing can be found here. 


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